Учебники и учебные пособияКардиология и кардиоваскулярная хирургияНа английском языке ISBN: 978-5-9986-0454-6

Propaedeutics to Diseases of the Cardiovascular System

64 страниц

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The characteristic of this study guide on the propaedeutics of di seases of the cardiovascular system is that it does not mention a number of symptoms that have lost their significance when examining a patient in the current context. At the same time, the guide introduces basic concepts of the most up-to-date methods of instrumental examination. Taking into account that electrocardiographic diagnosis remains of crucial importance, the guide specifically focuses on the method of electrocardiography.
The study guide “Propaedeutics to diseases of the cardiovascular system” is intended for the purposes of the subject “Internal diseases” in accordance with the Federal State Educational Standard of Higher Professional Education for students majoring in Internal Diseases (31.05.01)